Friday, January 31, 2020

MOVEO folding electric scooter Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words - 1

MOVEO folding electric scooter - Essay Example 2013). When folded, the scooter assumes a shape not bigger than a suitcase and this makes it easy to even be transported by cars. The main objective of designing this scooter is to ensure that we have environmental friendly operating mode of transport that is affordable (Monika 2013). The core material used in manufacturing of this scooter is carbon fiber build with an organic shape design (Monika 2013). When it comes to technicality, the Moveo scooter can manage speed limit of 35 to 45 km/h since it has an in-build electrical motor with wheels with a battery that lasts over a distance of 35 km (Monika 2013). Notable to mention is the fact that the scooter takes only one hour of charging (Monika. 2013). With this information and after the piloting success, this Hungarian company scheduled for mass production to commence in the year 2014. The costing price for the scooter will be $2000 for the first year with likelihood of prices reducing in the subsequent years (Monika 2013). It is for the above stated objectives that the Antro Group Company required a marketing communication plan for 12 months which will aid in marketing and thereafter selling of the electric scooters (Monika 2013). The marketing plan should incorporate marketing communication strategies and budget of not more than $5 million which is meant to facilitate the entire marketing process (Monika 2013). It should be noted that a successful marketing communication plan is one which integrates all marketing activities (Luther 1992). These are activities that relates to one another within the company’s departments which aims at surrounding the consumer without them knowing that they are being inundated with the conveyed message (Luther 1992). To this effect, the marketing communication plan must serve as the initial foundation of the business marketing plan (Luther 1992). Our vision as Antro Group Company is to provide to the people with alternative affordable mode of transport that

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