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buy custom A Mothers and Infants Center essay

buy custom A Mothers and Infants Center essay "Healthy and Happy Moms for Healthy and Happy Kids (HHM4HHK), will be the name of a community based mother and infant care centre in Nairobi City. The centre will be providing counseling, nutritional education, basic medical checkups, provision of food supplements, and infant rearing education to mothers, especially from the slums and suburbs in Nairobi city. It is anticipated that from the provision of the above services, mothers will be healthy and happy hence giving birth to healthy and jubilant infants. Parasitic diseases, malnutrition, infections and risk associated to giving birth like; low birth weight, inadequate mothers blood, and lack of knowledge, are the major factors threatening the child survival. This problem is abundant in developing countries like Kenya and worse among people living below the poverty line like the slam dwellers in Nairobi. A substantial amount of nutritious foods are commonly available in town which might be beneficial to pregnant mothers. Never the less, in the slums we have poor of the poorest who cannot afford basic nutrients required by pregnant women and even lack the basic knowledge on the same. There is an 87% chance of survival of children with mothers who understand the nutritive content and its importance during pregnancy and use the knowledge (Mora J. Nestel P, 2000). It is therefore necessary to provide necessary nutritive care to expectant mothers for realization of the Millennium Development Goal 4 of reducing child mortality rate especially in developing countries like Kenya. Goal 1; To reduce the level of malnutrition among expectant mothers and infants. Objective 1.1; To impart knowledge to mothers in Nairobi on health and nutrition. Objective 1.2; To help mothers in Nairobi in application of nutritional and health information gained Objective 1.3; To provide nutritional supplements to mothers in Nairobi Slums for them and their infants Objective 1.4; To impart knowledge to mothers on how to evaluate change in the health of their children and take necessary actions. Objective 1.5; To conduct basic medical checkup tests for expectant mothers Goal 2; To effectively use volunteers in helping the community to learn. Objective 2.1; To recruit undergraduate students (20) from Universities in Nairobi City as volunteers of HHM4HHK project. Objective 2.2; To offer training to the volunteers on health and nutritional nformation for mothers and young children as well as adult education teaching methods. Objective 2.3; To sent the volunteers in the community to educate local mothers There will be two groups of clientele in the implementation of this project. The primary clientele are the expectant mothers and mothers with young children living in Nairobi city especially in the slums. This clientele group will enable realization of Goal 1. The second clientele group will facilitate realization of Goal 2 which are the university students acting as volunteers for the project. To achieve the set goals and objectives, a Centre within the city will be established from where information on health and nutritional value for expectant mothers and young children will be provided, Training of volunteers will take place, provision of food supplements to expectant mothers and to mothers for their infants will be done and basic health checkups for expectant mothers will be done. The volunteers will undergo four week training before being sent to the field. This training will impart them with knowledge in health and nutritional information on expectant mothers and of young children as well as adult education teaching skills. Five best trainees will undergo an advanced training in nutritional counseling techniques. These five will be placed in the HHM4HHK Centre to extent their skills to needy mothers. The other volunteers will be sent in Nairobi slums to conduct civic education on subject areas they would have learned. Each field volunteer will be expected to meet at least 4 community groups, especially women, per month for 6 months. They will be mandated to provide monthly reports on topics covered and issues arising from their project activities. On the other hand, the volunteers in the Centre will keep records on the clients they would have seen and counseled and follow up with the clients to ensure adherence to the recommendations made from the counseling sessions. In addition, a Dissemination Plan and a Documentation plan will be developed to ensure systematic collection, analysis, storage and reporting of information on the implementation of the project. It is imperative to note that the project will have full time management staff in order to achieve the set goals and objectives. These include; Project Director; Responsible for overseeing the project implementation and development. Centre Coordinator; Responsible for running the Centre and developing links with other partners as well as supervising the other employees. Volunteer Coordinator; Responsible for recruiting the volunteers and supervising their work. Medical Nurse; Carrying out the relevant medical checkups in pregnant women. Available Resources A building provided by the community 4 computers 1 Photocopier 2 Printers 4 office desks with chairs Needed resources with their cost and justifications Personnel; This project will require the 4 mentioned fulltime staff, 20 volunteers and 5 part time employees. They will be responsible in ensuring effective implementation of the project. The estimated cost for their remuneration/allowance is $ 50,000.00 per annum. Food supplements; They will be given to needy mothers within the target area thus providing the needed nutrients for expectant mothers and young children. The cost of these supplements is $ 15,000 per annum. Office equipments; More office equipments will be needed to be used by the volunteers who will be counseling mothers. They will cost about $ 10,000. Medical testing kits for pregnant women; This will be used by the nurse in checkup of expectant mothers. They will cost $ 12,000 per annum. Training materials; The volunteers will use flip charts, brochures, fliers, banners and resource books among others in their community outreach training activities. They will cost about $ 5,000. The total budget cost of this project will be $ 100,000.00 per annum. Evaluation plan Two evaluation strategies have been designed for use in this project i.e. formative and summative. Formative Evaluation will be done through open-ended questionnaires and interviews. Students and mothers will be asked question regarding to the project which will include; topics covered during training and counseling, feedback on the topics, recommendations and attractiveness of the project. A project evaluator will be contracted and will meet regularly with all stakeholders. Quarterly reports will be made from the process. Summative Evaluation will initiate the project by collection of the baseline data on assess of nutrition knowledge and food by expectant mothers and infants. Same analysis will be done after every 6 months. In addition details and the number of mothers checked in the Centre will be kept and analyzed quarterly. An annual report will be provided with both formative and summative findings. Buy custom A Mothers and Infants Center essay

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